Healthcare Plan

Clínica Célula Mater works with OMINT medical insurance.

The clinic’s patients associated with Omint receive quick service, without the need for subsequent reimbursements.

Health plan reimbursement


The member can choose the service provider she trusts, which does not need to belong to any accredited network.

After payments for the appointment and within 30 days, the insurer must issue reimbursement according to the chosen plan and if this option is in your contract.

According to the ANS, the health plan is not obliged to attach the reimbursement table to the contracts, but is obliged to inform how it reached the reimbursed amount through customer care.

How can I request it?

When payment is made, request the receipt with a stamp containing the CRM number and submit it to the company to receive the refund for the amount.

Access to health is the right of every citizen. Having a health plan gives you the right to use the doctor of your choice!

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